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Delayed treatment for addiction has the potential to detour lives onto innumerable self-destructive paths. However, recognizing or accepting the fact that drug use is no longer manageable is often the challenge most substance abusers face. Drug Treatment Centers Shreveport are aware of the myriad excuses that people in addiction use to delay the fact that they need help. They also recognize the dangers that lay ahead for those who put off entering a drug treatment center for too long.

Common reasons people delay treatment may include:

  • Misconceptions about what it takes to overcome addiction.
  • Fears that drug treatment centers are not financially feasible for them.
  • Concerns about being away from family and friends during rehab.
  • Falsely believing that drug treatment centers are only for celebrities.
  • Knowing that committing to drug rehab means they can never use drugs again.

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Cost of Delaying Addiction Treatment

Whether we care to admit it or not, the ultimate cost of putting off treatment at Drug Treatment Centers in Shreveport can be death. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), there are more deaths, illness, and disabilities from substance abuse today than from any other preventable health condition.

It seems incredible that with so much media coverage about the dangers of addiction and so many lives being lost every day, that addiction is more rampant in society than even a decade ago. And while a drug-related death strikes a devastating blow to those left behind, long term addiction also extracts a very high price for everyone in the following ways:

  1. Unemployment or loss of income due to absences or inability to work as a result of habitual drug use.
  2. Medical costs due to various drug related illnesses.
  3. Cost of purchasing drugs to satisfy the obsessive craving and compulsive use.
  4. Legal costs connected to DUIs or drug-related offenses.
  5. Cost related to broken relationships and divorce as a direct result of drug use.
  6. Psychological stress that can lead to physical illness for loved ones who worry about the effects addiction is having on family life, the addict's health, finances and on children in the home.

Overcoming Addiction With the Help of Drug Treatment Centers Shreveport

While it is never easy to overcome the barriers to getting treatment, the benefits far out weight the cost. It begins with breaking down the myths that surround drug addiction treatment. Maybe the greatest myth about drug addiction is that it is easy to overcome. Many who hold to this belief and attempt to stop using drugs or alcohol on their own put themselves at serious health risk or suffering a relapse.

The five top benefits of getting into a treatment program with the help and guidance of Drug Treatment Centers Shreveport sooner than later includes:

1. Accurate Diagnosis: By matching you with a treatment center, every patient undergoes a thorough physical and psychological evaluation at intake by board certified doctors and nurses. This evaluation often identify underlying issues requiring dual diagnosis treatment. When issues such as mental illness is left untreated, it can be a serious hindrance to long term sobriety. Making an accurate diagnosis is therefore a critical component to our treatment process.

2. Medically Monitored Detoxification: The unpredictable nature of withdrawal symptoms makes halting drug use alone particularly dangerous. Withdrawal symptoms can escalate from mild to severe rapidly. Through a medical detoxification process, Drug Treatment in Shreveport offers a safe alternative to going "cold turkey" or trying to halt drug use on your own. All clinicians have emergency trauma training that enables them to address any serious health crisis that may occur during the detox process. The primary goal is to keep the patient stable by alleviating undue pain and suffering. Their treatment teams are also qualified to administer treatment medication, when necessary.

3. Rehabilitation and Recovery: Overcoming addiction requires a comprehensive rehabilitation process that incorporates various evidence-based conventional and holistic treatment remedies.

4. Relapse prevention Education and Training: They help those in recovery to understand relapse triggers and how to avoid and/or overcome them. Prolonged addiction can make sobriety seem like an impossible goal. This fallacy is perpetuated the longer treatment is delayed. The fact is, recovery from drug addiction is not only possible but feasible with the right treatment and support.

About Shreveport, LA

Shreveport is the largest city in Louisiana with a thriving population of 200,327 or more. The city was developed along the Red river in 1836 by the Shreve Town Company. Riverboat gambling which first came to Shreveport in the 1990's attracted enterprising visitors to the city that spurred revitalization of the downtown riverfront areas. This facelift added some interesting and unique features to the city such as brick sidewalks, crosswalks, statues, sculptures and mosaics.

Mardi Gras is also an important cultural part of the Shreveport area. Mardi Gras celebrations in Shreveport attracts more than 400,000 traveler annually, as well as its share of illicit drug use. Visitors donned in beads and colorful attire can enjoy mouth-watering king cakes in every imaginable flavor and color. The weekend event seeks to provide something for everyone through family fun parades, glitzy parties and outlandish balls.

Drug addiction is treatable and the sooner treatment with the help of Drug Treatment Centers Shreveport is received, the easier it is to overcome. Call Drug Treatment Centers Shreveport today at (318) 550-3059 to find out about treatment options.

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