Drug Addiction Rehabilitation in Shreveport, LA

Drug addiction is one of the most difficult ailments a person can endure. Drug addiction occurs when a frequent user of drugs, prescription or otherwise, finds they can no longer function without them. If you or someone you know is taking drugs regularly, even at the expense of physical or mental health, it is likely they are suffering from addiction. This can often have fatal complications.

In the state of Louisiana, 13 people out of every 100,000 die due to drug addiction, placing the state at number 19 in terms of drug fatalities. It is essential to treat any potential case of drug addiction seriously, and to suggest drug addiction rehab as an option early on. Shreveport has many effective drug addiction rehab centers for such an affliction, including Brentwood Hospital, Knight Counseling Services, and the Center for Families.

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What is Addiction?

Addiction is characterized by an insurmountable need for a certain substance. The brain rewires itself to seek its chosen drug at any cost. Drug addiction is surprisingly common in America. The National Household Survey on Drug Abuse estimated in 2012 that there were around 24 million illicit drug users in the United States, with nearly 7% of Americans being dependent on alcohol and nearly a quarter consistently using cigarettes. These are the most common forms of addiction, though eating disorders and gambling problems sometimes accompany these afflictions and have similar treatments.

The mental symptoms of drug addiction include irritability, lack of focus, reduced cognitive function, and most importantly, intense cravings that can be difficult to overcome. These cravings can also be expressed physically - many addicts suffer from sweats, shakes, headaches, or nausea if they can't get their fix. Other signs you can expect to see in addicts includes slurred speech, yellowed teeth or loss of weight due to reduced appetite.

Some forms of addiction have more specific tells, such as heroin addicts who display needle marks on their arms or meth addicts who often have blackened or missing teeth. Of course, one of the best ways to determine if someone is addicted is simply to ask them. Addicts often behave erratically, and will deny they have a problem, but if they are prioritizing their substance over more important matters, or are unable to function unless they have their substance, then it will be clear they have a problem and need help.

How to Treat Drug Addiction

Like any disease, addiction can be treated. There are numerous drug addiction rehab centers in the state of Louisiana with sympathetic experts eager to help even the most far gone of addiction cases. Most drug treatment centers require you to detox before you can enter the rehab program in full. However, Drug Treatment Centers Shreveport offers a full rehabilitation program that includes drug and alcohol detox.

In choosing a drug and alcohol rehab facility, you have to decide whether to go for a residential or outpatient program. Residential drug addiction rehab programs require the patient to live at the facility for a certain period of time while they undergo treatment, whereas outpatient programs require that you visit at regular intervals for checkups and progress reports.

Both programs involve extensive lifestyle adjustments that can be difficult at first but will prove beneficial in the long run. These might include group or private therapy sessions, exercise programs, and cutting ties with former acquaintances who enabled your addiction. It's important that you trust in the program. Drug addiction rehab exists because it works.

Addiction is a widespread problem in Louisiana, but progress is being made. You can become a part of this positive change. If you or someone you know is an addict, rehab is by far the best option towards kicking addiction once and for all. Call Drug Treatment Centers Shreveport at (877) 804-1531 today for addiction treatment.

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